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When your lawn mower breaks down, you are always tempted to call the lawn mower repair specialist and have it fixed like Aaron with one of Portland’s best lawn mower repair shops. However, you don’t always have to do this. Sometimes it is fun to get down and dirty and also it would feel great to achieve something by yourself. If you have some mechanical knowledge, this is going to be relatively easy. If you don’t, worry not it will be made easy for you as well.

The first thing you should do is to disconnect the spark plug. This is both for safety reasons and also for diagnostic purposes. Speaking of safety, the next thing that you should do is make sure that you have your safety gear on. This should include protective glasses and also gloves. Once you have these on, you are now ready to get down to business.

It is advisable to first check the spark plug as your first step of the lawn mower repair.The

Lawn Mower Repair Portland Oregon

Lawn Mower Repair Portland Oregon

spark plug could have a variety of issues ranging from carbon deposits, ash deposits being worn out and also having some oil deposits. These are easy to tell as you will see some deposits around the tip of the plug. Secondly, check the ignition system. There are a variety of ignition systems but the most common is the magneto ignition system. The easiest way to test if a system is working is by holding the spark plug against a grounded piece of metal. If this is working correctly, there will be a spark produced when you start the engine. You should take extra care not to hold any pieces of metal on the spark plug because you can get zapped which is quite painful.

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While at the ignition you can also check for some wears and spills that could also be causing the problem. If you find none then you can move ahead to the next step in the lawn mower repair. Remove the flywheel of the lawn mower. This can be a tricky process because the nut that holds it in place is on very tightly and the wheel keeps moving. To do this you need to restrict the movement of the wheel. Once the wheel comes off put it at a distance in a safe place. Keep it in mind that when putting it back the key has to be in the right direction. There is a mark to guide you just look keenly.

Among the biggest culprits of engine troubles is a carburetor and that is what you will need

Portland Lawnmower Repair Service

Portland Lawnmower Repair Service

to be looking at next. It needs to be very clean in order to work efficiently. The best way to clean it is letting its parts sit in a jar of gasoline overnight it will be easy to wipe it clean the next day.

If the engine has trouble starting and your gas cap has a small hole on it, it could be that this hole is blocked and causing the trouble. Try unblocking it. If these steps do not work, you might need to call lawn mower repair services to help you handle the problem. The best thing is that you would have learned a lot of new things and if you were lucky, you managed to get the lawn mower working. Lawn mower repair is not so technical and if you have the time, you can continue trouble shooting until it works.

You can literally split the engine apart as long as you know how to put the parts back correctly. You could make the lawn mower repair learning exercise a fun activity for you and your kids by having them hand you the tools and much so ask you all those questions that even you at that time can’t answer. But in the long run, the satisfaction of your success and the bonding would have been worthwhile.

We hope that article helps in assisting you with your Portland Oregon lawn mower repair project.

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